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How to make sense of a Google search for dyslexics.

When a parent starts to realise that their child is showing signs of dyslexia, there can be an 'A-Ha!' moment where the parent starts to understand some of the behavioural aspects of the child.

My daughter Jess, would often ask me about her homework and ask where she could find information on certain things.  I would respond by saying 'Why don't you Google it?'

Here is the problem, a Google search page is not written for children with dyslexia.  They often involve small font sizes, lots of pictures and abbreviated sentences.

Jess would often be reluctant to do a Google search, it took me quite a while to realise why.  It was hard for Jess to comprehend what was in a Google search result.

This experience inspired me to record my first 'Vlog' for this blog showing a way to get round this problem.

Let me know if this is helpful to you and I will do some more.

If you would like to try out a demo of Sprinter then please click the link below;

Click here to download.
Sprinter is a part of SprintPlus - Click here for a demo download.

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